Vitamix – blenders that change your life!

Smoothies, shakes and green drinks are super popular in the last several years and there is no end in sight to their popularity and obvious nutrient benefits. You want to have the best possible blender for your smoothies, right?

On this website I have an article about Orgain protein powder – the best way to blend your Orgain powder is with the best blender.

The only choice for you has to be the Vitamix!

Might as well go with the experts

They are the most trusted brand in blenders by professional chefs, but they are not only in restaurant kitchens, they are also found in homes all over the world. If you want your smoothies to be restaurant quality – then you must have a Vitamix!

Made is U.S.A.

Vitamix is a family owned company established in 1921.

Vitamix products are assembled and manufactured in the United States.

Truly, this is the best way to get the best blends in the world of blenders.

Made to last

I’ve bought blenders that were cheap and something as simple as a piece of ice would bog those machines down.

That’s never the case with a Vitamix!

Let’s look at some of the details about how a Vitamix is built.

  • Made with aircraft-grade stainless steel blades
  • Uses a metal drive system, not cheap plastic
  • A cool running motor for long life
  • It is built dependably, not disposably

Both easy to use and clean

The Vitamix control dial has simple settings for smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups, purees, or you can control the speeds yourself 1 to 10.

There is a pulse feature when you need a quick burst of power.

How does self-cleaning sound to you? Well, all you have to do to clean your Vitamix is fill it with warm water and 1 drop of dish soap on the highest speed for 1 minute, and it will self-clean – you don’t even have to take it apart.

Smoothie Perfection

Did you know that the number 1 reason people buy blenders is to make smoothies? That’s right.

Well, Vitamix blenders give you a perfectly even smooth blend with no chunks, every time.

The choice is certain

I could go on and on writing about all the great things you can do with your Vitamix, but I am sure you would rather spend more time just making smoothies, soups, ice cream, etc. and just enjoying the endless possibilities, than just reading about them here.

I highly recommend that you get your own Vitamix and enjoy all of its health and nutrition benefits as well as it making your kitchen time much more easy and productive.

Here’s to your health.


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