Personal Trainer Mesa AZ

If you are looking for a Certified Personal Trainer in the Mesa/Phoenix Arizona area I know one who can help you with many of your fitness and weight-loss goals.

Josh Davis is a Certified Personal Trainer located in Mesa Arizona who can help you achieve all of your fitness goals.

See Josh training below.

About Josh

Josh has been an athlete all his life and he continues to pursue and push his athletic limits today.

Josh, in the past, struggled with his weight, allowing himself to get up to 250 pounds. It was at that time he began his journey into a health related career not only to lose weight himself, but to help others to do the same for themselves.

Josh knows the stress it brings to be overweight.

He is now down to a healthy 210 pounds and has only 10% body fat – he would like to help you too!

Josh enjoys pushing himself and others to achieve their personal fitness and weight-loss goals – it is his passion!!!

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength training specialist
  • Athletic performance
  • Flexibility & mobility training
  • Weight-loss specialist
  • Experienced in power lifting & college athletics (Football)

More Strength, confidence & power

When you are able to gain the strength you desire in your body you will feel more confident and capable in anything you desire to do in your life.

Josh can help you get there and maintain strength for a better stronger life.

You have fitness and weight-loss goals, let Josh come up with a long term plan for your success today!

Better private training prices

Just compare Josh’s prices to other Certified Personal trainers in the greater Mesa/Phoenix area and you will see he has the best rates in the area.

Private Session training prices:

Sessions are 1 hour each

$45 – 1 x per week

$40 – 2 x per week

$35 – 3 x per week

$30 – for anything more than 3 x per week

Make a decision today to improve your health & fitness levels

I highly recommend that you contact Josh today for your first Free consultation to get started on your path to a stronger healthier life!

And make sure to tell him that William from recommended you…

Contact information:

Josh Davis CPT

Phone # 847/652-7822


I hope this information will be the beginning of a stronger, healthier life for you going forward…

Here’s to your health

Talk soon