Colostrum LD Sovereign Laboratories

Colostrum LD from Sovereign Laboratories has been researched for 25 years, and is the best quality and most biologically active bovine (cow) colostrum available today.

There are many brands of colostrum on the market today that just are not as effective as Colostrum LD from Sovereign Laboratories. Let’s see why.

The world's best & most effective colostrum - Sovereign Laboratories

Clinically shown to help maintain a healthy gut

The makeup of bovine colostrum are bio-identical to human colostrum, have no side-effects, no drug interactions, and Colostrum LD has the greatest amount, most bio-available of all the living components needed for good health and vitality.

This colostrum uses an amazing delivery and protection system (LD Liposomal delivery) that, stops oxidation when it is stored, protects it from stomach acids and enzymes, and quickly delivers them to the G I tract for improved G I health.

Research has shown that colostrum may reduce symptoms of leaky gut and also help heal the intestinal lining to more normal levels of permeability. Colostrum contains many different immunoglobulins, including immunoglobulins A, M & G, which are shown to combat a wide variety of pathogens, especially those that infect the gut, like E coli, H. pylori, parasites and protozoan amobeas. Immunoglobulins are capable of binding to bacteria, macro molecules, and toxins, which helps them from attaching to intestinal walls and triggering negative immune responses.

Bovine colostrum is full of glycans which can help to prevent bacterial infections. It also contains many growth factors like epithelial growth factor which can assist in tissue repair and reduce gastrointestinal damage.

Using colostrum has shown to support the growth of intestinal villi and help repair intestinal barriers which are too permeable or impermeable.

Colostrum is a prebiotic. Different from probiotics. Prebiotics feed the existing bacteria in your gut, which assists in the growth of more good bacteria in your gut, such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. This helps your gut to be more healthy and beneficial, helping in to fight off harmful microbes and heal your gut.

LD delivers colostrum’s immune and growth factors directly to and into the cells which assist in cell renewal.

Also, Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum LD technology provides up to 1500% more bio-availability over other colostrum.

The World’s most powerful Superfood

On this website I will always promote a healthy lifestyle, and whoever uses colostrum LD will benefit from it.

There are thousands of clinical studies to back up its reputation.

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Fresh, raw colostrum has over 200 bio active components. But just recently, processed colostrum was just no comparison.

However, Colostrum-LD is the closest to fresh, raw colostrum with very high potency, without the risks of unpasteurization & contamination. After the birth of baby calves, the first milkings have the richest levels of immunoglobulins, protein peptides and growth factors, only these first milkings, which are collected after the calves have had their feedings, – are used in Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum products.

All of the above is very good for your health and immunity.

The world's best & most effective colostrum - Sovereign Laboratories

What is LD Liposomal Delivery?

Sovereign Laboratories has taken a great product and turned it into an exceptional product! Their proprietary LD Liposomal Delivery system is a system of coating the colostrum allowing it to quickly dissolve in liquids and ensure that it will bypass the harsh stomach acids; will pass through the bowel wall; will be circulated throughout the body; will reach organs and cells; and will remain bio available at the cellular level.*

“Liposomal Delivery makes colostrum up to 1500% more bio available” – Robert R. Milne, MD

Therefore, Colostrum LD is the most effective colostrum available. The LD difference means that this colostrum will reach the small intestine where they are absorbed into the bloodstream.

What does it help*

  • Maintain a healthy stomach and G.I. tract
  • Supports healthy immune response
  • Maintain intestinal flora
  • Increase bone and lean muscle mass
  • Support healthy cognitive function
  • Healthy aging

The world's best & most effective colostrum - Sovereign Laboratories

My only choice when I want a superior colostrum

You will hear me saying again and again on this website that when it comes to the diet you eat or the supplements you take to support your overall good health, it is very important to use quality foods and quality supplements.

You will not get any benefits from cheap low price low quality supplements.

In the case of good, quality colostrum products on the market today there are a lot of products that cannot offer all the benefits to your health that this one can offer you.

Last fall, winter and spring, while many around me in my office were sick, I never got sick.

I can only recommend one company for the best, most superior, beneficial to your health colostrum – it is Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum LD in either regular or vanilla flavor. No other brand out there has the quality or technology!

I trust as you use this product you will experience a better quality of life with its many health benefits and less and less colds, flu’s and other winter illnesses with a stronger immune system.

I hope this article has proved to be very informative and helpful in your decision to purchase a high quality colostrum to better your health and vitality.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will respond promptly.

Here’s to your health.

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