Spirulina Chlorella Health benefits

Have you heard about all the good things in Spirulina and Chlorella for health?

We all know greens are great for our health, right?  Well, Spirulina is 60% protein content, it is a good source of beta-carotene and minerals.

Chlorella, is a single-celled fresh water algae rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and chlorophyll.

Spirulina & Chlorella have many health benefits.

Let’s learn more about these two green super foods.

History of Spirulina

Spirulina is believed to have been a food source for the Aztecs in Mexico in the 16th century. It was described by one of Cortes’ soldiers as something they sold as cakes.

Spirulina is believed to have been used even farther back in history in Chad, dating back to the 9th century Kanem empire. They still use it today dried into cakes called “Dihe” which they use to make boths for cooking. It is also sold in markets. The Spirulina is harvested from small lakes near Lake Chad.

Today, Spirulina is used by millions of people all around the world, and they are finding lots of health benefits besides it’s high nutritional value.

History of Chlorella

Chlorella is believed to have existed since the birth of the earth. It was first discovered by Dutch microbiologist Dr Beijerinck in 1890, and was named chlorella. During World War I, Chorella was used in Germany in large quantities as a protein source.

Historically, Chlorella was first produced and used in Asia, mostly in Japan – although, Taiwan soon became the largest producer of Chlorella in the world.

A Research institute focused on Chlorella was founded in 1957 in Japan.

Amazing history to these two green super-foods, but what are their benefits to your health?

Spirulina health benefits

  • Encourages weight loss*
  • Cleanses toxins in the body*
  • Helps maintain the Liver*
  • Increase mental alertness*
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Strengthen the nervous system and immune system*
  • Prevent and improve body odor and bad breath*
  • Improve constipation*
  • Remove toxic metals such as lead and mercury from the body*

Chlorella health benefits

  • Has high amounts of vitamin A, B-12, Iron, Beta-carotene and Zinc*
  • Helps remove heavy metals from the body*
  • Chlorella has an immune system effect*
  • Chlorella has an anti-fatigue effect*
  • Is loaded with Chlorophyll*
  • Is high in Anti-oxidants*
  • Is high in protein*

A Chlorella supplement must be broken cell wall Chlorella

Chlorella, in order to be useful to the body, must have it’s cell wall broken for you to reap all of its health and detoxification benefits.

Both Spirulina and Chlorella should be organic, and the company you buy it from should provide proof that there are no harmful heavy metals.

The company you buy from should also provide a complete certificate of analysis for both Spirulina and Chlorella.

There is a company who offers all of these important things!

Where can I get both Spirulina and Chlorella in one product?

In my use of Spirulina and Chlorella for many years, I have never found a company with organic Spirulina and Chlorella with all of these proofs of analysis and purity provided, until I found this product pictured below, Perfect Aquatic Greens.

With all these wonderful health benefits of these two green super-foods in one product, I like Perfect Aquatic Greens to get both of these in one product.

I hope it will move you more in the direction of abundant health!!!

It is available in your choice of either capsules or powder.

To check out this fantastic green super food with Organic Spirulina and Chlorella, Perfect Aquatic Greens, just click the pictures below.

Perfect Aquatic Greens (120 caps) Bottle Image - Spirulina and Chlorella

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Here’s to your health!

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