Pyure Organic Stevia Sweetener Reviews – Zero Glycemic Index

You want to have all the great taste of sugar, but without all the calories and the effects it has on your blood sugar and insulin – right?  Well, look no further, Pyure Organic Stevia gives you all the great taste of sugar with zero calories, zero sugar and zero glycemic index.


A sugar lovers dream!


I needed to lower my blood-sugar

Even though, as I mentioned in another post on my site, I eat a very clean diet high in fruits and many vegetables, healthy organic meats, eggs and gluten-free grains, as I’m over 55 now, my doctor said my blood sugar was getting kinda high.

So, I decided to find a really great tasting organic stevia and replace it anywhere and everywhere I used to use sugar.

So, I have been using this organic stevia in my very low sugar gluten free cereals, and in the fruit smoothies I make frequently. Well, my last blood work I did show my blood sugars and insulin in a normal healthy range.

How does it taste?

I have used several stevia products over the years, liquid and granular, and I really didn’t like the aftertaste they all had.

But this stevia is different, it actually tastes really good (no aftertaste) on my cereals, oatmeal, smoothies, etc. I don’t have to feel the least bit concerned when I want to add more of it to my morning cereal bowl as I know it has zero calories, zero sugar, and zero glycemic load!   What a total win, win situation!

What are other people saying about this Stevia?

“Since starting a ketogenic lifestyle I have tried many different alternative sweeteners. To date, Pyure is the best by far! It is the most natural in flavor and it has no aftertaste. It dissolves easily and works well in both food and drink items. I will continue to purchase and perhaps even subscribe.”

This is the only stevia I will use! – I’ve tried every type of stevia out there and this is the ONLY one I will use! It is completely different. It is not powdery like the others. It tastes so much better than the other ones.”

There are many, many more great reviews on this product as well.

Final words

As I mentioned above, I personally used this to lower my blood sugar numbers and at the same time it gives me a great tasting sweet treat without any of the negative impacts sugar can have on my health.

I and many others highly recommend this natural sweetener as the best stevia sweetener out there. Some have said they will use no other brand than this one – I would agree with them as well.

So, I suggest you try out this delicious natural sweetener wherever you use sugar and see how you like it today.

I hope this will help you be healthier and still allow you an enjoyable sweet treat, without calories or sugars!

Talk soon,


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