Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula 1

A lot of people seem to think it’s ok or it’s normal to have a bowel movement every few days, even worse, some people go only once a week! As someone who wants to teach you a healthy lifestyle – this is not normal and it is not good for your health!!!

Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula # 1 can really get things moving for you, get the waste out, and it’s all natural – a win win !!!

Colorectal Cancer related deaths

The third leading cause of deaths in men and women in the United States is colorectal cancer.

It is expected to cause over 50,000 deaths in 2019.

So, it is very important that you have a good functioning bowel so that toxins and waste are not always sitting there and not moving out of your system.

You do not want to have waste accumulating in your bowel and reabsorbing toxins into your system. You need to get things moving and flowing – but perhaps you need a little help.

Promotes regular and complete bowel movements

This formula is the ideal natural way to support elimination, better digestion, diet and weight-loss.

It is formulated specifically with may natural herbs and botanicals to naturally get things moving regularly for you so you can get the waste out, get the toxins out, so you can have a healthy colon and have a healthier life.

Many health experts say “death begins in the colon” – so let’s get your colon cleansed out and moving better again.

Regularity every day can also help flatten out the stomach.

Benefits of Intestinal Formula # 1

  • Strengthens and stimulates the muscular movement of the colon
  • Assists in cleansing and detoxifying accumulated waste from your body
  • Helps relieve discomfort from irregular digestion
  • Contains only vegan friendly organic and wild-harvested herbal ingrediets
  • The best Natural bowel cleanser on the planet!
  • Pure, Proven and Potent ingredients

A stopped up bowel can cause all kinds of physical problems

Cleaning out the bowel can really help many different issues you may have that could be related to a stopped up bowel.

Never underestimate the power of cleansing out the bowel, getting things moving, feeling lighter and more cleansed!

Superior Ingredients

I mentioned earlier pure, proven and potent ingredients – lets see just what they are…

  • Wild harvested Cape Aloe leaf
  • Organic Senna leaf and pod
  • Wild Harvested Cascara Sagrada Aged bark
  • Wild Harvested Oregon Grape root
  • Organic Hawaiian Ginger root
  • Organic Garlic bulb
  • Wild Harvested Habanero pepper
  • Other Ingredients – Cellulose / vegetable plant fiber capsule

That’s it!!! No added fillers, no added unnecessary junk – just clean ingredients with a record for improving bowel function.

All you need to do is start with one capsule with or after dinner and increase by one capsule per day until you see the desired effect.

My experience with Intestinal Formula # 1

As I mentioned in another post, I eat a very clean, healthy diet. Mostly fruits, vegetables (organic mostly) healthy meat, fowl, fish, pasture raised eggs, and lots of filtered water every day – and yet, at age 55 I still can have times when I need a little help to keep things moving. That’s when my only for sure choice to get me going well is Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula 1.

Before around 2017 I was occasionally having regularity issues in spite of my clean diet. I tried many different things, fibers, probiotics, etc. which helped some but not the way I was looking for. Through more research I learned about Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula # 1 and then I purchase it and from day 1 whenever I use it it always gets thing moving very smoothly, no struggling and I feel my bowel has been completely emptied every time – what a relief !!!

So Dr Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #1 to get the waste out, and also Dr Schulze’s Superfood Plus to put super nutrition back into your body,

In closing

As you can clearly see, it is critical to have regular daily bowel movements for the health of your colon and to eliminate toxins from your system. You take a bath or shower every day to cleanse the outside of your body, it’s also very important to clean out the inside of the body daily as well – namely your bowels – this is achieved with good regularity.

I find that with all the supplements out there to help with regularity some either don’t work at all or are just not safe.

This product is all natural and works great. In my experience, I have only one choice when I need assistance with regularity – Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula # 1

I recommend you try it and see for yourself how well it will work for you…

If you found this article helpful, educational or if you just have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Here’s to more and more abundant health for you…


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I have been using protein powders for years, but I feel compelled to share my experience with what I consider the best tasting and best texture plant based organic protein powder I have found so far. Orgain.

Tastes great

I’m sure many of you out there who enjoy smoothies have had some protein powders that were just gritty and hard to get down – right? I know I have,

Not so with Orgain protein powders!

When I mix this in my Nutribullet with several other healthy fruits and fibers it is amazing how smooth and tasty and full of nutrition it is… I really look forward to making a tasty smoothie with this several times a week. It tastes great and my favorites are Vanilla Bean and Peanut Butter.

Key features

This protein powder is a very clean organic powder. It is made up of mainly organic pea protein, organic brown rice protein and organic chia seeds. It won Prevention’s cleanest packaged food award in 2017 – they are a very clean focused company.

This protein powder is not gritty – it is smooth and delicious.

It has 21 grams of plant based vegan protein per serving with no sugar added.

Sweetened with organic stevia and other natural flavors giving it 0 sugars and no bad after taste at all.

  • 5 grams of fiber per serving
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Non-GMO

I have been using this to replace my breakfast sometimes

Sometimes I feel I just need to give my body a break from always breaking down and digesting food 3 times a day 7 days a week. So, I tried having an orgain protein powder smoothie a few times a week and guess what – It keeps me pretty full until I go to lunch at work. I also know I am getting high quality protein and nutrition when I have this for breakfast sometimes.

My personal recipe

As I mentioned above, I use my Nutribullet to blend this. I start with a little filtered water, add extra chia seeds, psyllium husk fiber, organic almond milk, frozen blueberries or other fruit like organic strawberries, 2 scoops of Orgain Vanilla bean protein powder, some ice and blend for 1 to 2 minutes and it is a fantastic morning breakfast smoothie to replace my breakfast a few times a week. I don’t use it every morning – sometimes I just feel like eating, but the smoothie saves me a lot of time.

What am I getting in my breakfast smoothie?

Most importantly, I’m getting a great tasting breakfast smoothie I know is clean and good for me.

But, I am also getting a good amout of fiber from the chia seeds and extra psyllium I add – great for regularity. I am getting over 20 grams of vegan protein to keep me full. Zero sugar even though it tastes sweet.

I also can get about a months worth of breakfast smoothies out of the 2.03 Lbs. container – a great value for sure.

Closing comments

There are probably 100’s of different ways you could make your Orgain protein smoothie to your liking but I recommend you give Orgain protein powders a try for yourself and see how delicious and smooth they are – there are many flavors available.

I have never gone back to any of the others since I tried this and I hope you will agree – Orgain is the best out there!

Here’s to your health.


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If you are like me, and you see the necessity to take supplements to greatly improve your health, but you want to lower your overall cost on your supplements, then BULK SUPPLEMENTS is for you!!!

Great prices on supplements!

As I have mentioned in another post, the food supply of today is greatly lacking in all the needed vitamins, minerals, & amino-acids we all need for good health due to the soils being depleted by over farming and pesticides.

If you expect to get all the needed nutrition for your good health from just food, you will not!  We must supplement!*

The best prices I have seen on over 400 different supplements sold in bulk, are from BULK SUPPLEMENTS! They sell so many different nutritional supplements as well as body-building supplements at really good prices.

What are the advantages of buying from them?

  • They use pure raw ingredients
  • No additives
  • No flavorings
  • No fillers
  • Only pure bulk powders
  • Best prices on supplements available
  • Their cGMP manufacturing facility is FDA registered and inspected regularly
  • They have an in-house laboratory that lab tests for purity
  • COAs are available for all products when requested
  • You can get many different sizes in volume of your chosen product

They can ship to many different countries

Of course they ship to the United States, but they can also ship your products to:




Czech Republic






Isle of Man







South Africa



The Philippines

United Kingdom

Great for weight-lifters and body-builders

From Creatine, to whey protein, as well as many others, Bulk Supplements is what I have found to have the best prices on quality supplements to enhance either my needed nutritional intake, or my muscle building needs – at great prices!

Final comments

We all know there are many places to buy our supplements, and we all need to supplement as I mentioned before; but, not many offer all of the advantages listed above at really great prices.

So, I recommend that you check out all the different products they sell and see how much money you can save compared to what you are paying for your current supplements. We all like to save money when we can, right?

I truly hope this information has been helpful to you and will help you make an informed decision about how to save on many supplements in bulk!

May you move more and more in the direction of abundant health and nutrition as you make wise decisions with your health!

Here’s to your health!

Talk soon, William…

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Hemp CBD Oil benefits

Hemp & CBD oil benefits are broad, but let’s learn a little more about the plant before we move on.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid and is one of over 100 different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and is up to 40% of the plants extract.

What is Cannabidiol?

Many clinical studies have shown CBD to have amazing possibilities in addressing a wide range of health issues. A list of the many health issues it can help is provided below.*

CBD belongs to a class of molecules called phyto-cannabinoids. CBD and THC are in far greater amounts than the other cannabinoids and have the best health benefits for us.*

The human body actually has receptors for cannabinoids.*

See the Endo-Cannabinoid- System.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabinoid_receptor

The EC system is an integral natural part of natural human physiology and is responsible for multiple physiological and mental processes. Unlike synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, cannabis oil and related cannabinoids have no known toxicity levels, and their health benefits come without negative side effects.

Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. This feature has proven to be a God-send to many people who want the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids, but don’t want to feel the disorienting effects of THC. CBD has other health benefits that THC does not have.*

Once again, my goal on this website is to provide you information for any particular health issue you need help with, and share the benefits of how natural supplements may help you.*

CBD oil is 100% legal and safe to consume.

A good CBD oil should contain all-natural Cannabidiol (CBD), Terpenes, and other Cannabinoids.

CBD oils can help with anxiety

CBD can help with many stress related issues.* Many studies have found that CBD may be therapeutically helpful for treating a variety of conditions that affect not only the body, but also the mind.

The National Institutes of Health says, CBD has anti-oxidant, anti-inflamatory, anti-seizure, anti-tumor, and anti-psychotic properties.

Even though anxiety is believed to be a normal reaction to stress, excessive anxiety can negatively effect someones day to day life. There are many different anxiety disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), PTSD, and other specific phobias. Together, anxiety disorders are some of the most common mental disorders experienced by people in the USA.

In 2010, a published study in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology found that some of the effects of CBD on brain function and psychiatric symptoms were in the opposite direction of THC. They concluded that CBD might have a role in the treatment of psychotic and anxiety disorders and found CBD significantly reduced the anxiety caused by simulated public speaking in phobia patients.

CBD for anxiety disorders

CBD may heal symptoms caused by excessive fear and anxiety happening in a number of neuropsychiatric disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorders (GAD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder (PD), social anxiety disorder (SAD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).*

These disorders cause a much lesser sense of well-being, higher rates of unemployment, broken relationships, and elevated suicide risk resulting in a great social and economic burden on our society as a whole.

Evidence shows that CBD exhibits a broad range of actions related to multiple PTSD symptoms. https://www.nature.com/articles/npp20116?foxtrotcallback=true

Including reduced avoidance and arousal, stopping the long term effects of stress, also blocking ongoing fear memories. Human testing also supports preclinical findings, suggesting CBD has minimal sedative effects and an excellent safety profile.

Lastly, the authors concluded that their review encouraged the potential value and need for further study of CBD in the treatment of anxiety disorders.*

Conditions helped

Many clinical studies and scientific research support the potential of CBD as an alternative treatment for a wide variety of conditions. The conditions listed below have at least one, and in some cases, many clinical studies on CBD that show it may help. Some studies are also on THC in combination with CBD but most of the studies are on CBD alone.*





Alzheimers disease







Epilepsy & Seizure




Kidney disease

Liver disease


Mood disorders

Motion sickness

Multiple sclerosis



Neuropathic pain



Parkinsons disease



Sleep disorders

Spinal cord injury



The bottom line

Tauted for a variety of health benefits, CBD is everywhere in the marketplace in the form of oils, tinctures, etc. If you are looking to purchase CBD oil, it’s important to consider your health goals to determine the best form of CBD oil for you!

CBD has been studied for its potential role in treating many common health issues, including anxiety, depression, acne and several others.

Research on the potential health benefits of CBD oil is ongoing, so it is likely that new therapeutic uses for this natural remedy are likely to be discovered.

Results from recent studies suggest that CBD may provide a safe, powerful natural treatment for many health issues.

I like CBD oil that is very pure and is tested for quality, purity and potency, and also is organic.

From right now until midnight on Tuesday, September 3rd 2019 use the coupon code LABOR to save 25% on your Labor Day weekend’s purchase of CBDPure products. See link below…

If you are considering a CBD oil to use for yourself, I like the this company as they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Another CBD provider I like is EMPE,  and they have some different options for CBD to try out.


This concludes this discussion on CBD oil and its research and benefits.

If you found this post helpful or interesting, please leave your questions or comments below.

I hope CBD oil will help bring you more abundant health!

Here’s to your health!



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Spirulina Chlorella Health benefits

Have you heard about all the good things in Spirulina and Chlorella for health?

We all know greens are great for our health, right?  Well, Spirulina is 60% protein content, it is a good source of beta-carotene and minerals.

Chlorella, is a single-celled fresh water algae rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and chlorophyll.

Spirulina & Chlorella have many health benefits.

Let’s learn more about these two green super foods.

History of Spirulina

Spirulina is believed to have been a food source for the Aztecs in Mexico in the 16th century. It was described by one of Cortes’ soldiers as something they sold as cakes.

Spirulina is believed to have been used even farther back in history in Chad, dating back to the 9th century Kanem empire. They still use it today dried into cakes called “Dihe” which they use to make boths for cooking. It is also sold in markets. The Spirulina is harvested from small lakes near Lake Chad.

Today, Spirulina is used by millions of people all around the world, and they are finding lots of health benefits besides it’s high nutritional value.

History of Chlorella

Chlorella is believed to have existed since the birth of the earth. It was first discovered by Dutch microbiologist Dr Beijerinck in 1890, and was named chlorella. During World War I, Chorella was used in Germany in large quantities as a protein source.

Historically, Chlorella was first produced and used in Asia, mostly in Japan – although, Taiwan soon became the largest producer of Chlorella in the world.

A Research institute focused on Chlorella was founded in 1957 in Japan.

Amazing history to these two green super-foods, but what are their benefits to your health?

Spirulina health benefits

  • Encourages weight loss*
  • Cleanses toxins in the body*
  • Helps maintain the Liver*
  • Increase mental alertness*
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Strengthen the nervous system and immune system*
  • Prevent and improve body odor and bad breath*
  • Improve constipation*
  • Remove toxic metals such as lead and mercury from the body*

Chlorella health benefits

  • Has high amounts of vitamin A, B-12, Iron, Beta-carotene and Zinc*
  • Helps remove heavy metals from the body*
  • Chlorella has an immune system effect*
  • Chlorella has an anti-fatigue effect*
  • Is loaded with Chlorophyll*
  • Is high in Anti-oxidants*
  • Is high in protein*

A Chlorella supplement must be broken cell wall Chlorella

Chlorella, in order to be useful to the body, must have it’s cell wall broken for you to reap all of its health and detoxification benefits.

Both Spirulina and Chlorella should be organic, and the company you buy it from should provide proof that there are no harmful heavy metals.

The company you buy from should also provide a complete certificate of analysis for both Spirulina and Chlorella.

There is a company who offers all of these important things!

Where can I get both Spirulina and Chlorella in one product?

In my use of Spirulina and Chlorella for many years, I have never found a company with organic Spirulina and Chlorella with all of these proofs of analysis and purity provided, until I found this product pictured below, Perfect Aquatic Greens.

With all these wonderful health benefits of these two green super-foods in one product, I like Perfect Aquatic Greens to get both of these in one product.

I hope it will move you more in the direction of abundant health!!!

It is available in your choice of either capsules or powder.

To check out this fantastic green super food with Organic Spirulina and Chlorella, Perfect Aquatic Greens, just click the pictures below.

Perfect Aquatic Greens (120 caps) Bottle Image - Spirulina and Chlorella

Perfect Aquatic Greens Powder (135 grams) Bottle Image - Spirulina and Chlorella

Here’s to your health!

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My experience with healthy eating for a better life.

Hello everyone, William here. As I mentioned in the “about me” page, I was once a very unhealthy junk food junkie.

Healthy eating was definitely not a part of my life back in my early 20’s – I’m now 55.

How did things change for me?

Well, when I was in my late teens and early 20’s, I didn’t have many girlfriends because “I thought” Oh, I’m too fat – no ones going to want to be with me.

I was always eating burgers, fries, hot dogs, pizza, etc. I was never eating salads or healthy foods. Hence, as a 6-foot tall American guy (French/Italian descent) I was an unhealthy 230 pound guy who didn’t get any exercise. About 50 Lbs. overweight.

Then, a warehouse job I had when I was 23 forced me to go from sedentary, basically a BUM, to active, walking around the warehouse picking orders, shipping out orders, and unloading and putting away stock trailers. Remember, I was about 230 pounds when I started my warehouse job in 1987.

After a few months, co-workers started to ask me, “are you losing weight, William?” Well, I just ignorantly said, “I don’t know?” because I truly didn’t know, I never got on the scale to weigh myself back then cuz I didn’t want to know what I weighed.

Well, I though about what co-workers were asking, so, I went home and got on the scale, knowing I was previously 230 pounds. To my amazement, I was down to about 185 pounds now – without “trying” to lose weight!!! I was still eating a lot of junk type foods but it didn’t matter, the warehouse activity changed and increased my metabolism automatically. Bonus!!!

This is a tip to you, if you don’t exercise and you start to walk lets say, 30 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week for example, your metabolism will increase.

So what did I decide to do next?

Remember, I said I didn’t have many girlfriends as a young guy, but I really wanted to have a wife and a happy marriage.

I said to myself, “if I lost all that weight without trying, I’m gonna start eating a lot more healthy and start to exercise to lose a little more weight and be a healthy guy, then I can find a wife.” Well, I was walking, jogging, doing NordikTrack, etc. 6 days a week and eating a lot more salads, healthy fruits, whole grains, and cutting out sugar a lot and I went down to around 165 pounds. Of course, junk food became only an occasional treat – not a 3 times a day lifestyle. I mean death style that is!

30 years later and I have maintained my healthy weight!

So, how do I do it? The goal of this website is to show you what I did and what you can do too!

I simply ate, and continue to eat mostly whole foods in their natural form. Organic or grass-fed meats, pastured eggs, organic fruits and vegetables, whole gluten free grains, nuts, lots of water, fiber supplements for regularity, and lots of clean filtered water throughout the day. Mostly unprocessed packaged foods as nature intended. Not all these packaged, full of toxic preservative loaded foods lining the grocery store aisles!

It’s a simple as that – along with some form of exercise you enjoy to keep your metabolism going.  Make exercise every week a part of your life…

Yes, I have maintained around a 165 to 170 pound weight for 30 years now!

So, that’s my story – I don’t believe in “diets” – I just believe in eating more of the healthy stuff and only occasionally eat the pizza and burgers as a reward or treat for just one meal, then go right back to healthy eating again. Add exercise and that’s all you need.

Learn to feel good about eating good and being good to your body! Learn to not be interested in foods that destroy your health.

By the way, I have been happily married for 28 years now to my sweetheart, Jacquelin…

That is my story about how I lost weight and have kept it off for over 30 years now – I hope this simple path will help you to be healthier and maintain a healthier weight in your life as well.

I think it is very important to supplement your diet with key supplements targeted to your health goals whatever they may be for you.

By the way, I am almost 56 years old now and I take no prescriptions at all!!!

You must think of it as a lifestyle, not as a diet I’ll do for 2 weeks only – this is for life, for your good and more abundant life.

As you adapt more & more to this way of eating and living, if you feel you need some support to lose weight at the beginning, you may want to try a Green Coffee supplement to jump start your weight-loss goals.

Also, these folks here have the lowest prices on quality weigh-loss supplements too…

If you found this article inspiring or helpful to you, please leave a comment below.

Here’s to your health…




Perfect supplements Rhodiola Rosea

I know we’re all busy, so let get right to the facts.

There has been a lot of media talk about all the health benefits of Rhodiola Rosea. The science is amazing, Rhodiola provides health benefits without side-effects*

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic herb

An adatogen is an herb that helps you adapt to stresses in life by normalizing your body and increasing your resistance to stressful influences, exhaustion, stress and anxiety. Here are just some of the benefits.*

  • It improves energy*
  • Stamina*
  • Endurance*
  • Lowers stress hormones*
  • Lowers cortisol*
  • Helps you adapt to all kinds of stress*
  • Greatly reduces or completely wipes out jet-lag*
  • Improves immune function*
  • Good cognitive and brain function benefits*
  • Enhances memory*
  • In middle-age men, studied with erectile dysfunction, it showed a 68% improvement on Rhodiola – quite remarkable*

All of the above mentioned things have been corroborated by human clinical science as well as traditional use over many 100’s of years of use.*

Everyone on the planet should be taking this herb

It is said that most herbalists have their favorite herb – an herbalist expert, Chris Kilham, says that his favorite for sure is Rhodiola Rosea! It is the most beneficial, life enhancing herb known – there is nothing else that comes close.*

The best Rhodiola Rosea comes from Siberia

It is a root, when broken open it has a nice rosey scent to it. Sometimes its called Arctic root. It has a nice golden blossom when flowering. It is harvested from high up in the mountain of Siberia as this is know to be the most superior Rhodiola available. For best results it should be a Standardized Rhodiola with 3% Rosavins and 1% Salidroside.

Now for a very bold statement

In the entire world of herbal remedies and medicines, the single most beneficial and effective anti-depressant agent that we have is Rhodiola !!! With Rhodiola, the likelihood is that it will help with depression – but it may also help you have more energy.*

It can also increase mental concentration capacity. A master herbalist who speaks very highly of Ginseng – considers Rhodiola utterly superior to Ginseng. It can help assist people and help lift people up to a better feel good dynamic state. Rhodiola really delivers on that!*

What will you feel

It can give you an experience of just feeling a lot better than you may currently feel. It is an herb if taken daily, after a few weeks you may just stop and say “I really feel well in several ways.” This website is dedicated to providing you information on supplements and lifestyle that will help you experience a much better quality of life so you dont just “make it through another day” – and Rhodiola can greatly help in this way.*

So where do I get the best Rhodiola?

  • Is the Rhodiola only from Siberia?
  • Is it Wild crafted?
  • Is the Rhodiola lab tested to be a 3:1 ratio of Rosavins and Salidroside?
  • Is the Rhodiola 100% freeze-dried?
  • Is your supplement free of magnesium stearate, silica and rice?
  • Does it offer a 100% money back guarantee?
  • Is it vegan?
  • Is it Non-GMO?

It’s the perfect herb for everyone on the planet

So if you are ready to try the most potent, superior quality Rhodiola Rosea, I recommend Perfect Rhodiola Rosea from Perfect Supplements.

I hope this superior herb will help you enjoy more abundant health!

Here’s to your health.


If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment.

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Best Collagen supplement brand

We all know there are many good collagen supplements on the market, but Let’s face it, in my own opinion – you deserve the best. The best collagen supplement brand for your good health will be explained in detail below.

Only the perfect hydrolyzed collagen provides.

  • 100% natural and pesticide and hormone free
  • 100% hydrolyzed collagen
  • Non-GMO
  • Sourced EXCLUSIVELY from Brazilian pasture raised (grass-fed) cows
  • Lactose and dairy free
  • Low molecular weight for easy absorption
  • High bio availability
  • Glyphosate free
  • Contains type I and type III collagen
  • Virtually tasteless, odorless and mixes easily in any liquid
  • Backed by a 100% money back guarantee
  • No fillers or flow agents – just pure collagen
  • 60 servings per bottle, 660 gram container (approx. 1.5 pounds)

Now available in convenient, single serve packets too! Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen - TWITTER - In Grasshttps://www.perfectsupplements.com/Perfect-Hydrolyzed-Collagen-p/ps-collagen.htm?Click=5d1fc38602fa0&a_bid=9c0630e5

The health benefits of taking collagen

If you follow a Paleo or Weston A Price diet you are familiar with bone broth. Bone broth is nutrient dense because of the gelatin that is produced when you cook the bones. Gelatin is just cooked collagen.

Collagen is the #1 protein in the human body and plays a major role in many bodily functions. Collagen is important for healthful and young looking skin, but collagens health benefits go well beyond the skin only.

Here are some of the health benefits of collagen

  • Promotes skin health
  • Supports joint health
  • Promotes younger, firmer skin
  • Improve gut function and digestion
  • Keep excess inflammation in check
  • Build and restore muscle
  • Keep appetite in check
  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Promotes healthy brain function
  • Promotes deeper sleep

I like bone both, but getting enough into the diet can be difficult. This perfect hydrolyzed collagen let’s you easily get the nutrients of collagen through an all natural, Brazilian pasture raised and grass-fed source.

High in protein

One 11gram serving of this Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen has over 10 grams of protein and no sugar, fat or carbs. It tests out at 97% protein-the highest in the industry.

9 point test for high quality collagen supplements

Can the collagen you are researching answer YES to all 9 of these questions? If yes, you have found a high quality collagen supplement.

  • Is the collagen natural and 100% and contaminant free?
  • Is the supplement free from any GMO’s?
  • Is the collagen hydrolyzed?
  • Is the collagen made from pasture raised, grass-fed cows?
  • Is the only ingredient in the supplement collagen?
  • Is the collagen tasteless, odorless, and easily dissolved in water?
  • Does the company provide proof of purity?
  • Does the company offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee?
  • Is the company a green America certified business?

This company scores a perfect 9 for 9 with full proof.

Only Perfect hydrolyzed collagen scored a perfect 9 out of 9 in the 9 point test for high quality collagen supplements.

Perfect hydrolyzed collagen is virtually tasteless and easily dissolves in hot or cold liquids, so there really is no wrong way to use it. If you want to increase the collagen in your diet (and who wouldn’t?) simply mix a scoop or two in water, tea or a smoothie. You will not taste it, but your body will feel it!

In closing

Collagen plays such a crucial role in many bodily functions, giving your body a low molecular weight, bio available, highly absorbable collagen will help improve your overall health. That is the focus of this website, to guide you to better overall health. Abundant health.

This collagen is all natural food that your body is craving. A properly fueled body is a happy, energetic, youthful and rewarding body!

If you are looking to buy a very effective collagen there is only one choice!

Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen

I understand there are many companies that make collagen supplements, but how many can list these credentials…

I hope this will help you in your knowledge of the many benefits of collagen, and I hope the collagen you use is perfect!

Let me know if this post was helpful to you.

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Perfect Collagen

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Health benefits Vitamin B12, Energy booster

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin needed by the body, but it is not produced on its own.

It is added to some foods, and it is available as a supplement. It is also in animal products.

The health benefits of Vitamin B12*

Vitamin B12 performs many actions within the body. It is critical for normal nerve cell function.

Vitamin B12 benefits our bodies in many ways. Helps with red blood cell formation.

May prevent major birth defects*

Sufficient Vitamin B12 is very important to a healthy pregnancy.

Being deficient in Vitamin B12 in the first stages of pregnancy may increase the risk of birth defects.

Summary Good levels of Vitamin B12 are of utmost importance to a healthy pregnancy. It is helpful in the prevention of brain and spinal cord defects.

May improve mood and depression*

Vitamin B12 may help with a better mood.

This vitamin plays a role in synthesizing and metabolizing serotonin, a chemical responsible for regulating mood.

Vitamin B12 deficiency may cause lower serotonin production, which may cause you to have a depressed mood.

Summary Vitamin B12 is needed for the production of serotonin. Vitamin B12 supplements may help improve mood in people with a B12 deficiency.


May boost your energy*

Vitamin B12 supplements have long been promoted as a way to boost your energy.

All B vitamins are important in the body for energy.

Vitamin B12 is water-soluble and the body cannot store extra amounts. Any excess passes through the body and is excreted in the urine.

In fact, one of the most common signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency is fatigue or a lack of energy.


Vitamin B12 is involved in energy production in your body. Taking a supplement may improve your energy levels, but only if you are deficient in this vitamin.


Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that you must obtain through diet or supplements.

It is responsible for may functions in the body, and may benefit your health in different ways, such as preventing birth defects, supporting bone health, improving mood and maintaining healthy skin and hair.

Getting enough Vitamin B12 through your diet is very important. However, if you are having trouble getting enough B12 from your diet alone, supplements are a simple way to increase your B12 intake, and the best form of B12 is methyl B12.

I also recommend a B-complex supplement to provide all of the necessary B-vitamins we all need.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Duanwood Reishi extract & Duawood Reishi Spore oil, king of herbs

This is one of the most scientifically researched herbs in the world and is one of the most powerful adaptogens known.

I have used several different Reishi supplements over the years and the Duanwood Reishi extract I will be talking about here is by far the most potent, best quality Duanwood Reishi extracts I have used. They also have Reishi spore oil capsules.

This is not just ground up herb; this is concentrated extract. This means the active constituents are extracted from the Reishi and concentrated to a 10 to 1 ratio; it takes 10 pounds of whole herb to make 1 pound of extract.

Arguably the greatest tonic herb on earth.

The benefits of Duanwood Reishi extract may include.

  • Stress relief
  • Supports healthy aging
  • Tonifies all three treasures; Jing, Qi, Shen
  • Liver protection
  • Improved circulation
  • Protection against radiation, free-radicals and environmental-stressors
  • Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue, anti-stress

History of Duanwood Reishi mushroom

Duanwood Reishi is a mushroom of legend, lore, and the prize sought in many martial art adventure movies, with its art-deco image in all the depictions of the ancient immortals and a history of use for over 4000 years.

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) is the most revered substance in Asia, ranking as the elite substance for the attainment of radiant health, longevity, and spiritual attainment.

Over 2000 years ago it was first written about in Shennongs Pharmacopeia, which is the very first Chinese herbal text.

Reishi was classed at the forefront of the superior class herbs.

He wrote about how “continuous consumption of Reishi makes your body light and young and lengthens your life.”


Practitioner perspective, how it works.

Reishi’s primary functions are to restore the bodies daily energy (Qi) in multiple organs.

This enables restful sleep, improved breathing, circulation of blood, robust immunity, toxin elimination and improved digestion.

General action: Calms the spirit by augmenting the Qi and nourishing blood.

Final word

As I have mention before, I have used other Reishi extracts before and this brand is the best quality concentrated Duanwood Reishi extract I have ever use. It is the only Reishi I ever consume for myself and I highly recommend you try it out and see for yourself how good it is. The brand is also a provider of outstanding Reishi Spore oil capsules, along with several great herbs you may be interested in. They give discounts when you buy more than one at a time.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.