Colostrum LD Sovereign Laboratories

Colostrum LD from Sovereign Laboratories has been researched for 25 years, and is the best quality and most biologically active bovine (cow) colostrum available today. There are many brands of colostrum on the market today that just are not as effective as Colostrum LD from Sovereign Laboratories. Let’s see why. Clinically shown to help maintain … Read moreColostrum LD Sovereign Laboratories

Natural Calm magnesium powder

We all know magnesium is a very important mineral for overall health and vitality. There are so many different choices of magnesium supplements to choose from out there. Pills, tablets, capsules, liquids, powders – which one is best to take? I have been supplementing since the 1990’s with magnesium and my favorite to use everyday … Read moreNatural Calm magnesium powder

Pyure Organic Stevia Sweetener Reviews – Zero Glycemic Index

You want to have all the great taste of sugar, but without all the calories and the effects it has on your blood sugar and insulin – right?  Well, look no further, Pyure Organic Stevia gives you all the great taste of sugar with zero calories, zero sugar and zero glycemic index.   A sugar … Read morePyure Organic Stevia Sweetener Reviews – Zero Glycemic Index